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Shogun Samurai Coco A & B

by Shogun
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Size: 1L A&B

Coco’s porosity makes it a blessing and a curse. It’s the perfect substrate for aeration, but it’s prone to uneven absorption and losing water before it can reach the roots.

Samurai Coco contains AquaZen Slow Water, an ingredient designed exclusively by SHOGUN. It uses a pioneering formula to fine-tune water distribution and stop false drain.

Eliminates false drain
Coco can be prone to “false drain”, where water travels straight through the substrate and drains away without soaking it at all. This causes uneven root growth in the bottom of the plant - the most water-filled part - while leaving the rest of the root network dehydrated.

This happens because water has strong, stretchy molecular bonds and can easily pass around dry media rather than penetrating it. SHOGUN adds a surfactant, a substance that breaks these bonds, allowing the nutrient solution to fully soak the coco.

This benefits both you and your garden: plants are fed evenly with no risk of dehydration. At the same time, you’ll waste less nutrient solution and save money.

This groundbreaking technology is called AquaZen Slow Water. The Samurai range has even more benefits, so read on!

Innovative SmartZen technology

As well as AquaZen Slow Water, SHOGUN Samurai Coco contains another specialist formula by the SHOGUN team. They really have been busy!

This ingredient is SmartZen Maximiser, which is proven to increase yields up to 8% more than generic NPK fertilisers. You can find it in most of the SHOGUN range, and for good reason: it speeds up photosynthesis, maximises nutrient uptake, controls transpiration, and minimises water loss.

2-part nutrient
This nutrient solution comes in an A&B formula, so it’s incredibly easy to use. Use Samurai Coco (A) alongside its partner Samurai Coco (B) for a match made in heaven.

Samurai Coco is purely made of nitrogen and calcium, stimulating photosynthesis and promoting large leaf growth.

How to use SHOGUN Samurai Coco (A&B)?
SHOGUN Samurai Coco is suitable throughout the vegetative and flowering periods. The following feed chart is based on a 4-week vegetative and a 9-week flowering stage. If necessary, you may add extra weeks during mid flowering (weeks 4-5).

Dilute in the following quantities:


Weeks 1-2: 2ml/L;

Weeks 3-4: 3ml/L.


Weeks 1-3: 4ml/L;

Week 4: 3-4ml/L;

Weeks 5-7: 2-3ml/L;

Week 8: Do not use SHOGUN Samurai Coco during this week.

Final Week: Water only during this period.

Never mix undiluted nutrients. Always mix thoroughly into the water before adding another. This includes SHOGUN Samurai Coco (A) and (B); they’re in separate bottles for a reason!

Mixing these nutrients before dilution may cause an adverse chemical reaction and make the products ineffective.

Store PK Warrior 9/18 in a cool, dry place and keep above 7℃ to prevent crystallisation.

Where to use SHOGUN Samurai Coco (A&B)?
As its name suggests, this nutrient solution is specially developed for use in coco coir.

For different substrates, try the other products in the SHOGUN Samurai range: SHOGUN Samurai Terra (split into Grow and Bloom formulas) and SHOGUN Samurai Hydro (split into Grow and Bloom formulas).

Why choose SHOGUN Samurai Coco (A&B)?

  • A & B nutrient for use in coco;
  • Uses unique AquaZen Slow Water;
  • Guarantees evenly distributed feeding;
  • Minimal loss of excess nutrients;
  • Completely new, research-driven formula;
  • Supplementary calcium to increase nitrogen absorption.

Product Specifications:
  • Brand: SHOGUN
  • NPK: 3.9 - 0 - 0
  • Other Active Ingredients: Calcium (4.1%)
  • pH: 5.5 - 6.5

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