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Shogun Katana Roots

by Shogun
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Size: 250ml

See roots in as little as 5 days. Katana Roots stimulates root initiation and elongation, using boron to encourage development well before the natural point.

Your plants will form longer, thicker, more complex networks. Nutrient uptake will be through the roof - leading to prime defence systems and less chance of root disease.

Seaweed-based biostimulant
Katana Roots is a biostimulant: it is not a nutrient solution and is therefore impossible to overfeed. Instead, it contains seaweed which is full of beneficial hormones such as auxins and biotins.

Many seaweed products use a harsh acid or alkali to extract these hormones. However, Katana Roots is produced using a cold-pressing method to prevent denaturing vital components such as vitamin B12.

Speeds up propagation
The auxins and boron in Katana Roots work together to prompt root initiation and encourage germination in seedlings as young as 5 days. Biotin increases root thickness, allowing optimum nutrient uptake in this critical period.

Relaxed, resistant plants
B vitamins and amino acids help regulate the hormonal balance in stressed plants. And guess what - Katana Roots is full of them!

Recently cut plants or plants exposed to stressful conditions (such as high temperature) will likely become stressed. With Katana Roots, they’re able to calm down on a chemical level.

Happier plants are healthier overall, so you’ll witness more effective nutrient uptake and a garden that’s more resistant to root diseases.

Highly versatile
There’s no need for a stack of products when you have Katana Roots. It works in all growing media including soil, hydro, and coco. Along with its high concentration, it’s a convenient and cost-effective product to keep at hand.

Growers may use the solution as a cube soak to encourage germination in cuttings or younger plants. Propagation cubes, such as rockwool cubes, are highly aerated and leave room for your impressive new root network to grow.

Alternatively, it can be diluted in the quantities stated and applied as a foliar spray. This method directly targets leaves, which might seem counterproductive for a root solution! However, foliar absorption may be useful in warmer months when the root system is less effective and the plant has a full set of leaves.

How to use SHOGUN Katana Roots?
Katana Roots uses an equal dilution rate for any growing medium and in hard or soft water. They’ve done all the brainwork for you!

It’s suitable for all growing phases, including with cuttings and seedlings and through the vegetative and flowering stages. This is based on a 2-week germination/propagation stage, a 4-week vegetative period, and a 9-week flowering period. You may add extra flowering weeks between weeks 4 and 5 if necessary.

Mix in the following quantities and add to your hydroponic tank, feeding system, or watering can:


Weeks 1-2: 5ml/L.


Weeks 1-4: 0.2ml/L.


Weeks 1-3: 0.2ml/L

Weeks 4-8: Do not use Katana Roots during this period.

Final Week: Water only during this week.

Since Katana Roots is a biostimulant rather than a nutrient solution, you may wish to supplement nutrients alongside use. SHOGUN Start perfectly complements the chemical makeup of Katana Roots.

Never add multiple nutrients or additives at the same time. Always dilute and stir thoroughly before adding another.

Why choose SHOGUN Katana Roots?
  • Seaweed-based biostimulant;
  • Forms longer, more complex root network;
  • Roots appear earlier;
  • Suitable for any growth period;
  • Natural cold-pressed extraction method;
  • Helps maintain hormonal balance;
  • Can be used as an additive, cube soak, or foliar spray;
  • Reduces stress in cuttings and seedlings.

Product Specifications:
  • Brand: SHOGUN

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