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Rhino Silent Day/Night Climate Fan Controller

by Rhino
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£165.00 - £265.00
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 Ships Monday 22nd July 
Size: 2A

Rhino’s Day Night Silent Controller is a well thought out, simple to use fan speed controller that gives you the ability to control your fans in both day and night cycles without any fan hum.

The controller is kind of like a halfway house product that sits between Rhino’s Silent Fan Controller and the more advanced fan speed controllers such as the SMSCOM Hybrid.

The controller has four sockets, two on each side. On the left the top socket controls the speed of your daytime fan, you can control this with a dial that lets you turn it down to 5 less powerful settings without any fan hum. The bottom socket on the left is an Aux socket that is operational when the lights are on and can be used to power pretty much anything you want, a humidifier is probably the most intelligent use for this, or maybe a Maxi-Fan of some type.

When the lights switch off the light sensor automatically switches the power from the left two sockets, over to the two sockets on the right. The top socket is exactly the same as the top socket on the left, this is for your night time fan and can be turned down to five different power settings without fan hum. The bottom socket is another Aux and is commonly used for turning a heater on – it can take up to 2kw.

Some people won’t like the fact that the fans are not changing speed to maintain a constant temperature, whilst some people will like the simplicity and reliability that this controller offers. It’s available in two different sizes, 2A & 8A. The 2A version will take any of the CAN RK Fans that we sell, the 8A will run just about anything including the Gorilla Box Fans.

Overall this is a versatile fan speed controller that will appeal to all sizes of grower looking for a hum free solution to environmental control, especially if you are a hands on type of grower that likes to check on your grow room regularly and manually adjust things as required.

Good product for the price.