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Rhino EC Ultra Silenced Fan

by Rhino
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Size: 6" (150mm) Airflow: 530m3/h

Rhino EC Ultra Silenced Fan

The Rhino Ultra fan is small in size, but big in power! Offering high air flows at high pressure for superior ventilation. Using state of the art EC technology, the fans can be controlled from 0 to 100% speed with no humming and buzzing. Controlling the fan is simple with the speed controller which is included. All Rhino Ultra fans can be matched with Rhino filters to offer the best air extraction and ideal contact time with the carbon in the filter.

The Rhino EC Ultra Silenced Fan is made with innovative 9-pole EC motors. The motors provide increased static pressure. This efficient fan brings added value to your grow room's equipment. The extractor fan is made to pull or push maximum air flow through ducting, carbon filters, and air-cooled lights. The unit comprises a speed controller, which allows for a 0%-100% adjustment.

  • Ultra quiet, ultra efficient, ultra powerful
  • Half the noise of a non-silenced fan
  • Energy efficient
  • Sealed steel body
  • Soft start function
  • Built-in eyelets for easy installation
  • Low power consumption compared to AC fan
  • The unit uses a multi-phase EC motor;
  • It generates increased levels of static pressure
  • Produces increased levels of airflow per watt
  • Built with extra casing and noise dampening foam to keep sound levels to an absolute minimum
  • Highly efficient - produces greater airflow levels per watt of electricity
  • Includes adapters to fit RJ45 and 3-PIN controllers
  • Independent "Varispeed' fan controller supplied
  • Soft-start function minimises noise levels
  • Comes complete with wall hanging bracket
  • Lower power usage than an AC fan

The clever bit 

EC fans deliver a variety of benefits compared to AC fans. They move a greater volume of air per each consumed watt of electricity. The unit allows you to save on energy bills. Digital fans deliver increased static pressure levels. You can add a carbon filter without affecting air flow. The unit also includes a speed controller, which allows growers to set the speed level. It's not temperature-sensitive. Growers who want to manage the fan's speed in accordance to the grow room's temperature, must purchase a separate temperature controller.

Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan Info:

6" (150mm)
Maximum speed: 5000 RPM
Maximum airflow: 530m3/h
Noise Level: 50dB(a)
Fan size: 150mm (6")
Impeller: Mixed flow
Motor: EC motor
Power: 40w
Advised filter: Rhino Pro 150/600 (6")

8" (200mm)
Maximum speed: 3800 RPM
Maximum airflow: 1205m3/h
Noise Level: 52dB(a)
Fan size: 200mm (8")
Impeller: Mixed flow
Motor: EC motor
Power: 75w
Advised filter: Rhino Pro 200/600 (8")

10" (250mm)
Maximum speed: 3200 RPM
Maximum airflow: 1800m3/h
Noise Level: 55dB(a)
Fan size: 250mm (10")
Impeller: Mixed flow
Motor: EC motor
Power: 150w
Advised filter: Rhino Pro 250/600 (10")

12" (315mm)
Maximum speed: 3000 RPM
Maximum airflow: 2987m3/h
Noise Level: 66dB(a)
Fan size: 315mm (12")
Impeller: Mixed flow
Motor: EC motor
Power: 320W
Advised filter: Rhino Pro 315/1000 (12”)

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