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Hailea Air Pump ACO-9602

by Hailea
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The Hailea ACO Series Adjustable air pump is a lightweight, super silent, and high-performance unit available with a single or multi outlets. The pump delivers user-adjusted air flow starting from 0.4 up to 42L/min. The unit is perfect for oxygenating your nutrient reservoirs. The product is a high-quality air pump and it's easy to use. With a low power consumption and special suspension feet, the product delivers excellent results.

General Information

  • The product is a lightweight and super silent unit made with single or multi outlets;
  • The Hailea ACO Series Adjustable Pump comprises a variety of models including ACO-9601, ACO-9602, ACO-9610. The units deliver air-flow volumes ranging from 0.4 up to 42 L/minute. The products have a power consumption ranging between 2 Watts and 18 Watts;
  • The air pumps are made of top-quality components for increased durability and reliability;
  • It's a high-performance product, which delivers increased air volume outputs.

Over all Benefits

  • The product is efficient and durable;
  • It's reliable and high-performance;
  • It's made of strong materials for high resistance;
  • The product has an extensive lifespan.

The Science

The Hailea ACO Series Adjustable Pumps are top-performance, single and multi air pumps made to pump air through an air line into sub-merged air-stones. The underside of the product draws air in and the oscillating diaphragm releases air through an outlet. You can easily adjust the air-flow using the control on the top of the pump.

The pumps produce a consistent and steady air-pressure. The air passes through a muffler to reduce noise and the rubber feet absorb vibrations. The silent pump produces low noise and vibration levels.

How to Use

  1. Place the product on a flat surface, close to your nutrient or water reservoir (Always place the product at a higher height than the water-line level in your water/ nutrient reservoir.)
  2. Connect the unit's outlet to the air line.
  3. Fit the air-stone onto the opposite end of the air line.
  4. Place it inside the reservoir.
  5. Plug the air pump into a power mains and turn it on.