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Freshhh!!! Grow Room Air Fresheners

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Scent: Freshhh!!! Monster Mint

Neutralise the Strongest Grow Room Odours with Freshhh!!! Air Fresheners
Many air fresheners simply mask odours with an over powering scent, making a terrible combination of pungent grow room odour and overbearing perfume. FRESHHH!!! Air Freshener sprays are different, producing subtle yet powerful and long-lasting odour protection while neutralising bad smells in one quick blast. A fantastic way of keeping pungent and lingering odours under control in late flower.

  • Combats pungent and stubborn odours fast!
  • Eradicates smells instead of just masking them, leaving your grow room Freshhh!!!
  • One spray is all it takes to be odour free
  • Perfect for grow rooms and tents, toilets, bins and locker rooms and more!
  • Uses complex organic odour molecules that neutralise bad smells from your environment

Large 750ml can comes in three alluring scents:

  • Crantastic: an inspired red berry and cranberry fragrance, which is sweet and fruity
  • Crisp 'N' Clean: a clean and highly refreshing odour of freshly washed linen, reminiscent of washing powder/liquid
  • Mint Blast: a strong and stimulating smell of spearmint and peppermint combined in one cannister

How Freshhh!!! Odour Neutralising Air Fresheners Work

Stubborn and pungent odours in grow rooms, and surrounding areas, can be really frustrating and difficult to remove. Many air fresheners simply mask odours with overpowering and often obnoxious scents that aren't created for grow room situations. FRESHHH!!! Air Freshener sprays, on the other hand, use complex organic odour molecules that destroy pesky grow room odours first, while leaving a refreshing aroma behind that lingers for some time, leaving the entire area FRESHHH!!!.

Each can of FRESHHH!!! Air Freshener contains 750ml of spray, hence the large canister size. The larger size means it will last longer than many other air freshening brands, with a single spray being enough to eradicate pungent odours and replace them with one of three alluring scents. Choose from Crantastic, a cranberry and redberry inspired fragrance. Mint Blast, a refreshing spearmint and peppermint combination, or Crisp 'N' Clean which has a homely smell of fresh linen. All FRESHHH!!! Air Freshener sprays are useful in many other odorous areas such as locker rooms, bin storage areas, toilets and so on.

How to Use Freshhh!!! Odour Neutralising Air Fresheners

Hold the cannister upright and away from your body. Aim into the centre of the room or problem odour area and push down the nozzle, which will give you a short, sharp burst of freshener. Remove any residue using a clean, damp cloth.

  • Do NOT spray on to polished surfaces
  • Do NOT spray near or at plants in full flower
  • AVOID contact with exposed, hot lamps when spray
  • NEVER ingest or spray directly in eyes or face