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All About Grove Bags

Who owns and came up with the idea of Grove Bags?

Jack Grover Grove BagsJack Grover is the founder and CEO of Grove Bags. After graduating from Babson College USA in 2014, Jack was inspired by his brother Charlie’s battle with cerebral palsy to enter the industry and create packaging that preserves medicine at its highest quality. Four and a half years later, Jack’s company Grove Bags continues its commitment to manufacturing products in the United States and has gained industry-wide praise for its proprietary TerpLoc technology. Jack loves to unwind from a long day at the office by spending time with the Grove Bags company dogs.

Who and what are Grove Bags?

windowed grove bagGrove Bags launched in 2016 with the goal of creating sustainable, solution-driven packaging that is designed entirely around optimising plant's unique properties. In order to create the most effective packaging available in the industry to preserve product throughout the entire cultivation to consumption lifecycle, Grove Bags engineered a film that is truly first of its kind, TerpLoc Grove Bags proprietary film blend combines active humidity control with antimicrobial properties, maintaining low oxygen levels in order to form the perfect climate to preserve products and eliminate pain points like moisture loss, terpene degradation & microbial growth. 
Terpene Preservation
Mould Prevention
Weight Retention


So how do Grove Bags create the perfect climate?

In order to create the perfect climate Grove Bags had to create a packaging that can generate and maintain optimal oxygen levels. Grove Bags are made from high barrier films with very specific gas and water vapour permeability properties. All unwanted gases and water vapour are diffused through the film producing the ideal environment to preserve your flower and prevent mould.

There are six different elements/layers of a Grove Bags to make it the perfect climate:

An industrial strength element is added for maximum puncture resistance.

Odor Control
This high barrier element is added to provide maximum odour protection.

This element works to diffuse oxygen out of the package to create and sustain low oxygen levels. This limits the oxidation of terpenes, cannabinoids, and greatly reduces weight loss

An element added to create a neutral charge down the sidewall of our packaging. This prevents the package from stripping trichomes off of your product which contain 90% of the flower’s terpenes.

This element works together with the oxygen layer to provide active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow down the respiration process, then excess water vapor that has built up in the package’s head space is diffused through the packaging to prevent mold growth and create optimal humidity levels.

The UV element combined with the opacity of the packaging provides superior protection from harmful UV rays. Light breaks down organic material at a rapid rate and is among the main factors that causes flower to degrade


Here’s some frequently asked questions from our customers:

What do Grove Bags do?

Grove Bags create and maintain the perfect climate to minimise evaporation and oxidation, ensuring maximum retention of terpenes and preservation of the benefits of synergy.

Do I have to seal Grove Bags?

Grove bags will generate the optimal gas mix and relative humidity levels for long-term storage of cannabis once sealed. All you need to do is dry your product and sweat out the inner moisture of your product then simply run your fingers across the ziplock. For longer term storage we recommend you heat seal your Grove Bag.

Can you reuse a grove bag?

Grove bags can be washed and reused again and again, so you can easily store leftovers and pack lunch without waste. For your health and the planet, each bag is made of durable, food-safe reusable plastic that is free from BPA and phthalates.

Do I need humidity packs? Any need for vacuum sealing or nitrogen flushing?

Nope! The bags do everything themselves without the need for any extra help.

Where are Grove bags made?

Grove Bags packaging is manufactured entirely in the United States in the beautiful state of Ohio

How do I get the best results from my Grove Bags?

The biggest factor for getting the most out of your Grove Bag is to make sure your product is properly dry and the inner moisture is both released and regulated. Once your flower is dry, heat seal the bag and store it in a cool dark room for best results. There is no need for burping.

For more information please feel free to contact us.