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All About AutoPot Systems

What is an Autopot System?

autopot system

Autopot is power Free, automatic watering & irrigation systems designed, and manufactured in the UK.
AutoPot supplies simple to use automatic watering systems that can be used either as a hydroponic system or as a traditional soil irrigation system. Indoor growing and greenhouse crops can be produced with ease.
AutoPot was first formed in April 2001.v2

Why should you grow with an Autopot System?

  • No more daily watering
  • Can be left unattended for weeks
  • Easily extended in minutes
  • No power / timers / mains water required
  • Simply gravity fed from a tank / water barrel
  • Saves water, no water is ever wasted
  • Environmentally friendly

What’s so special about an Autopot Watering System?

low energy light bulb

Energy Efficient

All AutoPot watering systems require ZERO POWER, NO PUMPS, NO MAINS WATER PRESSURE AND NO TIMERS to operate. GRAVITY PRESSURE IS ALL THAT’S NEEDED from a reservoir or water barrel making us the number one choice for indoor and outdoor irrigation. The AutoPot range has surpassed all previous market leaders, guaranteed to give you top results.




Designed By Experts

Jason Ralph Smith, founder, creator and leading cultivation expert with his team of skilled hydroponic and irrigation specialists, AutoPot is a market leader designed for expert growers by expert growers. Whether you’re growing tomato plants, chillies or preparing for the medical cannabis/hemp market in the UK.

Cost Effective

AutoPot systems have been proven to reduce consumption of water and feed by an impressive 50%, whilst increasing yields. With increasing concerns of water conservation and the environment becoming prominent in our lives we are sure at AutoPot that more and more people will realise the advantages of using our self-watering systems. This concept in irrigation is one that the horticultural and hydroponic world has been waiting for.

Simple To Use

The systems are undoubtedly some of the simplest to use and can be left unattended for weeks due to the capability of the AQUAvalve to deliver all that is required by the plant. AutoPot is now an international market leader in irrigation and hydroponic systems, with an established global reputation for providing durable, environmentally friendly and innovative watering solutions to a range of growing scenarios.

High Yields

Autopot's energy free systems are proven by market leaders as well as some of the worlds leading fruit, vegetable and medical marijuana suppliers. Horticulture is Autopot's middle name and you can be sure to see their range of automatic watering systems in the highest producing poly tunnels throughout the UK and on an international scale.

Most Environmentally Friendly

AutoPot are specialists in self-watering systems, with emphasis being strongly placed on efficiency and preservation. AutoPot delivers products that are considered the most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world to both domestic, hydroponic and commercial markets. Their systems ensure this claim as the plant uses everything that is supplied to it, there is no loss of water, run-off or leakage!

Here’s some frequently asked questions from our customers:

What makes the AutoPot unique?

Autopot have spent years creating a simple-to-use irrigation system. One that allows even the most novice gardeners to get a result.
The system lets plants control their own nutritional needs - all without the use of power.
The Autopot systems are extremely versatile and modular, with the ability to save huge amounts of water and fertiliser.
And Gravity! As gravity is always free, Autopot created the AQUAvalve. Plants control the AQUAvalve, the AQUAvalve controls the flow of water.

How does the AQUAvalve and AutoPot System work?

To save power and keep systems silent, no pumps are needed to deliver the nutrient enriched water to the plants. To make this possible, we developed the patented AQUAvalve. It is probably the only effective technology that is completely controlled by plants.


Gravity pressure moves water from the reservoir, along the pipework to the trays/modules that sit under plants. When the system is turned on, the AQUAvalve allows water to fill the module/ tray to a level of 20mm. It then shuts until all water has been consumed by plants. After 30-60mins, the AQUAvalve will then re-open to allow another amount of water to enter the tray. This prevents nutrient waste and removes the need for a pump.

How the Aquavalve works

how the aquavalve works


Will using AutoPots increase my yield?

In Autopots you will be supplying plants with what they need, when they need it. Plants are in total control of their feeding requirements, with very little human intervention.
At AutoPot they call this technology PCI or Plant Controlled Irrigation. The hotter the day or the bigger the plants, the greater their feeding needs. This affects how often the AQUAvalve opens and closes. With unrestricted access to water and nutrients, you get huge yield increases.

What other benefits are there in using Autopots?

A big one is irradiating nutrient wastage, All the water delivered to plants must be completely consumed before another consignment is delivered.No water is ever wasted or disposed of.
This makes the AutoPot one of the most environmentally conscious irrigation systems presently available worldwide. Water and nutrient savings have been recorded at up to 45% compared to all other irrigation technologies, saving the grower time and money.

What nutrients would you recommend using? Can I use any nutrients even organic?

We would strongly recommend a good, clean mineral fertiliser – there are many suitable brands our favourite is by far is BAC

We have known organics nutrients to block the autopot pipe work in the past, especially when the system was primarily 6mm pipework, it is now less common with the 9mm valve and pipework so our advice here is proceed with caution and if your set on using organic nutrients check for blockages. If the organic nutrients added to your tank begins to separate this is a sure sign you will get a blockage.

How do I stop the roots growing into the tray and blocking the valve?

We sell Root Control Discs, that are placed inside the pot or are placed under the pot. These are impregnated with copper. We also supply Pot Socks that fit on the bottom outside of the pot. Both are designed to keep the roots in the pot, where you want them.

We do recommend you check the AQUAvalve area from time to time. If any roots do manage to escape the pot, they can be easily cut away with a pair of scissors without any really damage to the root system or plant. Let's be honest roots can navigate through concrete, so it’s always prudent to check the AQUAvalve from time to time.

How easy are AutoPots to use?

I can safely say that an AutoPot is probably one of the simplest systems to set up and operate.
You just fill the reservoir with water, add a suitable fertiliser and adjust the pH if it’s required. All that’s left is to turn on the reservoir tap and that’s it. As long as water is in the tank, it’ll operate 24hours a day, 365 days a year. The system is completely modular, and modules of any design can be added at any time. There is no fixed layout, as the modules can be positioned anywhere the grower wishes.

What growing media should I use in my AutoPot system?

Choose a substrate or blend of substrates that provides good capillary action.

bac lava soil mix
Bac soil conditioner

You want a blend that provides good air retention within the pot and a good structure. Some of the most popular growing media mixes contain coco & clay pebbles or soil & perlite.

We would always recommend keeping it simple and our signature BAC LAVA soil which has been pre-treated with final solution BAC Final Solution Organic Soil Conditioner.


Does an AutoPot System need to be flushed?

Yes we highly recommend flushing your Autopot system. To do this, drain of 1 – 2 litres of nutrient solution every 2 weeks by turning on the taps found at the end of your 16mm or 6mm pipe.

What size system can I fit in my space?

Generally, we would recommend these sizes:

System Minimum space required
4 Pots 1m x 1m
8 Pots 1.5m x 1.5m
12 Pots 1.2m x 2.4m
16 Pots 2m x 2m
24 Pots 2.4m x 2.4m
36 Pots 2m x 3m
48 Pots 2.4m x 3.6m
60 Pots 3.6m x 6m
72 Pots 4.8m x 5m
80 Pots 6m x 4.8m

For more information just contact us.